Power Generation

Power Generation equipment is commonly big, expensive and must be shipped over great distances. A large power transformer can weigh 400 tons and cost anywhere from $2-$7.5 million.

If one of these is damaged during transport it is a nightmare trying to locate a new one, and if one can be found, the logistics of a quick shipment will come at a great cost. The replacement of a damaged transformer usually takes several months, due to the long production and transportation cycles.

SpotSee’s line of ShockLog impact recorders,ShockTrak GPS impact recorder, and the newSpotBot Cellular(with real-time tracking) will allow you to monitor your cargo and avoid a disastrous situation.

Don’t keep yourself in the dark when it comes to your most valued assets.

Product Recommendations

ShockLog 298

ShockLog® 298 monitors and records shock, vibration, and environmental conditions experienced by any type of structure or equipment.

SpotBot Cellular

SpotBot is a standalone device that delivers tri-axial impact monitoring and tracking through cellular connectivity.

ShockLog Satellite

ShockLog Satellite

Combines ShockLog® 298 and a satellite communication module to deliver outstanding impact recording, real-time reporting and asset location.

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